Trigger. Happy?

We are Orlando, and Waco, and Sandy Hook, and Columbine, and Heston, and Kalamazoo, Fort Hood and Hialeah,Marysville and Santa Barbara, Chattanooga and Santa Monica. We are Minneapolis, Oak Creek and Aurora, Carthage, Carson City and Manchester. Dallas, Garden City, Blacksburg. Washington, D.C. This is a partial list.

Not every shooting spree makes the headlines. There are Little Murders committed all the time, in every conceivable place. Media tears out the front page, figuratively, for the automatic and semi-automatic weapons; the big barrages; the hate crimes; the lone wolf without a cause.

If you are writing or reading this, then you have been spared so far. Everyone is a potential target, every place a potential crime scene. We are Orlando. It is not a metaphor. As a society, we Americans are insane. We make no changes and expect a different outcome. Insane.