Release of Trump Prostate Exam Result Delayed

On the advice of his attorney, accountant and urologist, Donald Trump will not release the results of his prostate examination. Dr. Seymour Hair performed the examination in June 2016, shortly before the Republican National Convention. He confirmed that he performed the exam and was paid for his services. He has no knowledge of an issue with regard to the EOB. When Dr. Hair was asked about the exam result, he would only say, “What a hole!”

Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway responded to a barrage of questions as to why Trump has reversed his promise to release this report.

“Mr. Trump never promised to release this record, but he will once the Explanation of Benefits review of the insurance claim has been fully reviewed and addressed. Mr. Trump’s health insurer reportedly issued a four-page statement as to payment for the digital examination.”

Conway could not say when the EOB results would be available or if he had gotten his reimbursement.  Conway said that Trump would release his prostate results when Hillary Clinton releases hers.

The insurance carrier, Trump Blue Cross, could not be reached for comment.


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  1. David Goldblatt

    So this would seem to be a constipated situation. A bolus should be administered along with anemic followed by the blue pill. Expect a mighty blow from the patient within a few hours.

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