Immigration Update

A United States judge has stayed Trump’s immigration order. He demanded the judge recuse herself because as an American she is biased against him.

3 responses to “Immigration Update”

  1. But is she really biased against him, any evidence to this effect or is the judge known to be “anti-Trump” like we are led to believe most people are, (that is if you believe CNN and the other media outlets)? I totally agree that something radical should be done about muslims coming into America but whether the “Trump way” is the best way to achieve it I really cannot tell. What I can say with much confidence is that the threat from radical islam is REAL but many in America do not know or appreciate the level of the threat and the fact that they would employ ANY means to enter the U.S. and then undermine its people and its Institutions using western liberal and democratic values. Most of the Nations of western Europe are facing these challenges and they do not have the answers because the “enermy” is “within” and have embeded themselve firmly within the Society, the same Society they seek to undermine and impose their own religious values. Liberal leaders of western Europe have no answers for their years of “thoughtless liberalism” at a time they ought to have stood firm and made difficult choices in the face of threats they were well aware of. Lets see how this one goes.