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If the Office Doesn’t Fit…

“Not fit,” determined almost every established newspaper to weigh in on the candidate’s qualifications for office. This includes several papers that usually don’t give endorsements and others that have not endorsed a Democrat since the Year of the Flood.   These journalists, even Republican partisans, gave fair warning. The man with the orange visage does not know how to run a government and is not temperamentally disposed to the job.  Not just unqualified, but not fit to hold the office.

Former Presidents and other Republican officeholders also said that he was not fit. So did Barack Obama.  

Mental Health experts offered the same opinion. Lots of them.

He won anyway, and after the first three weeks of Trump administration, the White House is in turmoil. There is a communication breakdown among the senior staff.  Mike Flynn, the National Security Adviser resigned – or was asked to resign – you can read it either way.  He admits to lying to V.P. Pence, who seems to be kept at arms’ length on decisions, and may have lied to the F.B.I., in which case it’s a felony. The President knew for at least a few weeks that Flynn had lied and was under investigation for conferring with Russian diplomats before the inauguration.  Trump waited until the story leaked, then feigned ignorance before Flynn was forced to step down.

Kellyanne Conway took to the airwaves to say that Flynn had the President’s complete support. Within one hour, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that the President was re-evaluating. By the end of the day, Flynn was gone.

The White House is still reeling from its disastrous immigrant travel ban.  A federal appeals court put the kibosh on implementing the ban.  The White House threatened to take the case to the Supreme Court but decided against it.  It hasn’t taken any new action, and judges from other jurisdictions – Virginia, most recently – have continued to throw dirt on the Executive Order.  It wasn’t so much that the idea was bad – ok, there was no evidence offered to support the action – but it was so incompetently put together that a middle school civics student could have pointed out the unconstitutional flaws.

The President walked back from the following campaign pledges:  repeal Obamacare immediately.  Seems to be a little more complicated than he thought. He dropped his divide and conquer approach to China, after cozying up to Taiwan.  

He backed away from supporting new Israeli settlements in the West Bank, after  approving them, and stuck to a two-state solution.  Until today, that is. With the Israeli Prime Minister visiting, he announced that a one state solution could work, too. Either one is fine with him.  Not even the Israelis and Palestinians think so, but whatever.

His Labor nominee was forced to withdraw; another nanny-gate, as well as union-busting.

We’re not talking politics at all. We’re talking performance.  Every new president is bound to make mistakes.  This surpasses mistakes.  He doesn’t seem to get it, or he really believes what Richard Nixon learned the hard way.  Something is not legal just because the president says it or does it.  He’s not the Chairman of the Board or the CEO.  He doesn’t have unlimited, unchecked powers.

This past week, a new voice, Stephen Miller, entered the fray. Kellyanne on PEDs.  When he was an assistant to Sen. Jeff Sessions, now the Attorney General, he sent out so many emails that his own caucus marked them as spam.  Steve Miller says that the President has unquestioned power. He’s a joker.

And that’s just this week, and it’s only Wednesday.

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  1. Marie Lopez

    Well, if you think this Trump govt. is bad, you should be thankful that the chronically corrupt Hillary did not win. Just check out her record on “pay to play scheme” when she was Secretary of State, the Libya lies and the “activities of the Clinton foundation” in Haiti, to mention a few. All this while she was in govt. She is insanely corrupt and corruptly insane. These examples of “failings” by the Trump adminsitration (as you have gleefully pointed out), are nothing but minor bumbs in the raod of a new adminsitration seeking to find its way like any other first time adminsitration would have done; it is not a cause celebre nor are they sufficient to “overthrow” a Trump government as delusional liberals would wish for, pathetic lots!

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