Harold Goes To The White House

Dear Predsient Trump,

Thank you for letting my class visit you at your House. It sure is White!  I’m sorry we did not get to meet you because you were studying TV. But Mrs. Trump was very nice to us, and she is very pretty. 

We got to see many rooms with predsient’s names, like Lincoln, Roosevelt and Map.  The rooms are really great with so many pictures and models.

There were a lot of grown ups in the Blue Room.  Some were Korean, I think, like Patricia in our class. The big drawings and model houses were really cool. Mr. Koenigsberg, our teacher, told us it wasn’t polite to easedrop, but I was so curious about what they were saying.  Can you tell me what golf is?  Also, what’s a molliment? I think it might be a kind of plant because one of the ladies said they need to be kept in the dark. I’d like to try growing one for my next science project.

 I wish we got to spend some more time in the West Wing.  My mom and dad like to watch it a lot, and I wanted to see if it looks the same as on Netflix.  I saw that each room has a TV.  Too bad we can’t have that in our house!

It was such a fun day. I was sad my friend Kumar was out sick.  I had to be buddies with Mr. Koenigsberg’s husband, Mr. Bashir. Mr. Bashir might be somebody famous. All the policemen wanted to talk to him.  

Also, I want to tell Kumar what he missed but he is still sick . I am worried a little because he doesn’t pick up his phone.  Maybe he had to go to the hospital.  Nobody was home when I went over Saturday , and I didn’t hear Layla bark.  Layla is Kumar’s dog.

Thanks for the baseball caps. Red is my team color but Mr. Dixon, our coach and Willie’s father, said we can’t wear them because our team is the Subway Orioles. 

Also thanks for being our Predsient. I hope you get to stay longer than Mr. Koenigsberg thinks you will. 

Very truly yours,

Harold Gray

Class Recorder

Mr. Koenigsberg’s Fifth Grade

Douglass Learning Center 

Rockville, Md.