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As far as Puerto Ricans are concerned, future ex-President Donald Trump has given literal meaning to the expression, “fair weather friend.”  The entire island was devastated by Hurricane Maria: no power, food or drinking water; destroyed buildings and submerged land.  Puerto Rico got pulverized, worse than Naples, Florida and Houston, Texas combined.  

You wouldn’t know from the White House reaction that anything but a Boricua Festival was going on down there.  The future ex-President, while barnstorming for 2020, has been consumed with  NFL and the NBA players who are protesting against police brutality, a subject he chooses not to acknowledge (see, e.g., Arpaio pardon). While he’s been profaning African-American athletes and lecturing them on ingratitude, the people of Puerto Rico, mostly Latino US Citizens all, have been largely ignored.  Some would say that he ignores them because they have no federal voting rights.Maybe he’s drawing plans to turn it into Trump Island.

Trump is sending a message to Puerto Rico. In so many words, “Vaya con Dìos.”  His purposeful neglect is part of the Bleaching of America, a White nationalist  regression to a White Protestant majority. Okay, and add White Catholics from Western European stock. Oh, and Jews – we’ll get back to you. But the brown people south of Key West need not apply.  Please don’t scratch the Wall. It was just painted.

Trump said that he will not rest until Puerto Ricans are safe, just before he took his afternoon nap.  In Puerto Rico, Governor Ricardo Rosselló begged for aid to avert a humanitarian catastrophe.  As reported by CNN:

“The governor joined others in emphasizing that Puerto Ricans are American citizens. ‘We need something tangible, a bill that actually answers to our need right now,’ he said.”  
Lest the carrot fail,  he added the stick. Rosselló continued:
‘Otherwise, there will be … a massive exodus to the (mainland) United States.’
Now, there’s a thought that would twist the Presidential nutsack. Massive immigration turning powerless islanders into weaponized voters once they establish state residency. As a matter of fact, Democrats are planning settlements in rural Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania for all comers. The runoff will land in Florida.  One would think that’s enough to scare Trump into action.  Of course, he’s overselling FEMA’s response, sending teams in to towns to take claims. 
Maybe he’s hoping the territories, thoroughly disgusted will decide to break away. Maybe he’s counting on that. In that case, you can expect new suitors offering Yuan, Rupees and Rubles.  Don’t say it can’t happen. China has run roughshod over Africa and no doubt would like to establish a beach head in San Juan, once the beaches are rebuilt of course.  Chinese Russian or Indian entrepreneurs,.  Anyone with the money to rebuild Puerto Rico will effectively own it.
Trump may chase Latinos out of the US but he is inviting other global powers into the Western Hemisphere.  President Monroe would be rolling over on his doctrine, John Kerry’s rejection of Monroe notwithstanding. The US would be very sorry to see Sanskrit, Cyrillic lettering or Chinese pictographs along the barren Condado boulevards.
The Donald’s dilemma: Rebuild the US territories and maintain hegemony or cast them aside, leaving them open to other influences. The tempests and US indifference have created the potential for Colonialism in the Caribbean. This may sound ridiculous.  Nevertheless, whoever saves the people of Puerto Rico will then hold the trump card.