The AR-15 is a rifle used in Vietnam to replace the M-14,  the last, official U.S. battle rifle.    As the nature of war changed, the instruments of war changed with it.  As a military weapon the AR-15 (M-16) was fully automatic.  In its civilian incarnation, it is semi-automatic, meaning each bullet fired requires a separate squeeze of the trigger.  The AR-15 can be accessorized with scopes, lasers and more. One of the mores is the bump stock, which uses the recoil of the weapon to reengage the trigger, converting it back into an automatic weapon. It takes about ten minutes to install, unless you blow your hand off. Then it  takes s little longer.

Even without a bump stock, the AR-15 is a very effective weapon, It has high muzzle velocity, and with a .223 caliber round with its violent ricochet, it can cause a freakish amount of damage if it hits something organic.

Simply put, even as a semi-automatic rifle, the AR-15 is capable of firing repeatedly. It’s a lot lighter than the traditional carbine rifle and has far less recoil. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the NRA’S TOP TEN REASONS FOR OWNING AN AR-15.  

Reason No. 10: It is America’s Rifle:, the “musket of its day.”  A seasoned musketeer could get off two or three rounds per minute.  Statistics are inconclusive because not very many esrly Erivan tepieces came with sweep second-hands.  If you grew up with a phone on your wrist instead of a  watch, you might need to google that.    America’s rifle, you say? The NRA calls on no less an authority than former Navy SEAL turned Second Amendment advocate Dom Raso:

“I guarantee you, if the Founding Fathers would have known this gun was going to be invented, they wouldn’t have rewritten the Second Amendment, they would have fortified it in stone. Because they knew the only way for us to stay free is by having whatever guns the bad guys have. 

Well, hell’s bells!  I didn’t know that the Founding Fathers said anything about bad guys.   The second amendment mentions bad hombres, as I recall. And they  didn’t need to fortify it in stone due to  the invention of parchment – talk about a difference in muzzle velocity!  

Reason No. 9 Bringing Women Into Shooting.   The days of the derringer are long gone. No dainty handgun for the ladies. With those big pocketbooks, you can stuff an AR-15 right in the bag.  Apparently, the distaff side likes the “cool” feel of the gun and no hard recoil.  Gee, I’ve never heard it put that way.

Reason No. 8. Disaster Preparedness. Should you encounter a preemptive strike or the Zombie Apocalypse, which is what the NRA means by doomsday scenario, you would do well to have an AR-15 by your side.  Actually, I don’t think it would help with the bomb, but it’s a winner against the zombies, as long as you discharge before one of them eats your brain.  

Reason No. 7 Competitive Shooting.  I have friends who shoot skeet – they also shoot trapped, defenseless and mostly flightless birds I have never seen one of them use an AR-15 to do it but if you are having a dinner party for 20, or Mort, you can’t waste a lot of time shopping for the entree. 

Reason No. 6  Farm/Ranch Use. A farmer like Oliver Wendell Douglas  from Green Acres would need a semi-automatic to take down a fox or coyote.  Then again, he packed up and went back to Park Avenue. It’s ideal for predator control, when faced with a pack of coyotes or foxes-although, come to think of it, they mostly don’t travel in packs.

Reason No. 5 Tinkering.  It’s fun for kids of all ages!  Add a scope, a laser, change the hand guard or pistol grip.  Build your very own from scratch with a kit and a choice of wrappers. You’ll find a kit in your local Hobby Lobby.  If you really want to tinker, you can weaponize your Lego’s too!

Reason No. 4. Hunting.    For those of us who really do eat what we kill,  it has been scientifically proven that animals could not be bagged with a manual bolt gun or a bow and arrow, which is why we are all maturally vegetarians. Besides the lead fusillade adds that iron-rich flavor to your bison steak.

Reason No. 3 Teaching/Learning.   Do  you want to know the truth?  Can you handle the truth? We need the rifle to teach other people how to use the rifle.  If you didn’t have the rifle, how could You Tube  teach anyone to use it?   You need to hold it one to learn to handle one.  That’s also why bull whip practice is part of the core curricula for K-6 in charter and home schooling accreditation.

Reason No. 2. Fun and Recreation.   If you can impress your girl on a date with that “cool” recoil.  or bond with your kids  learning to tinker and discharge the AR-15, what could possibly be more satisfying? Imagine a snowy, winter day, just you and your brood competing to see who could break down and reassemble that little beauty the fastest. Girls, let those boys win once in a while!

Reason No. 1.  Self-Defense. How can anyone dispute the need to have a repeating rifle to fend off an intruder or put down a street attac?. You can’t take a chance of lodging one shot in the dark – you need to unload a clip or two to make sure you’ve nailed the creep.  Or picture yourself walking home from a night at the drive-in, when a homicidal immigrant attacks you, saying, “Gimme your iPhone!” You can draw that  AR-15 out of your Louis Vuitton and gun the rapist down.  

Picture  your old math teacher, chalk in one hand, AR-15 in the other.  Who’ve says our kids don’t learn the basics?

By now, I am sure you are as convinced as I am that the AR-15 is as American as apple pie. It is not just America’s rifle. It is America itself.

My only question is, if owning the AR-15 is America’s First Freedom, why is it only the Constitution’s Second Amendment? Let’s restore it to its rightful place.