Stormy Steps Out on DonaldStephanie Clifford, aka Stormy Daniels, will tell her story on national broadcast television tonight. After Michael Avenatti, her lawyer, has flogged this story on every major media outlet, it’s old news: already baked in. Overexposed, commercialized.

As Rosie O’Donnell ‘s character cracks to Madonna’s in “A League of Their Own,” playing on Madonna’s notoriety, “You think there are men in this country who ain’t seen your bosoms?”  Thus it is with Stormy.  She was a porn powerhouse: actress, director, producer. Hey, it’s a film industry!  Those are real jobs, and those who hold them wield real power.  But porn power may not be enough for Stormy.  Stormy in 2020. Too soon?

A salacious tidbit may turn up. A detail of presidential proportion may become part of the Trump canon. It’s not going to be much signal for all the noise.  Best to let sleeping dogs lay.

I couldn’t get excited about Monica Lewinsky, whose experience was sad and life-changing.   I’d be a hypocrite to make a fuss over Stormy Daniels. She knows her business. Besides, we don’t choose leaders for their moral incorruptibility. If anything, the less we see of it, the better.

Judging by recent example, the classified for a 21st Century President might read, “Need not be a statesman or an orator. Literacy a plus.” He (for the moment) must be bombastic and menacing. Teddy Roosevelt, talking softly and carrying a big stick, would be astonished by what passes for leadership these days.

The future ex-President described his following most accurately: He could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and wouldn’t lose a vote. The tales of Daniels, McDougal and Zevros actually might burnish his image.  Don’t expect Trumpty Dumpty to fall off his Wall over adultery.

Stormy will have her time in the spotlight, the jibes and jokes will fly around the world like an overexcited electron. Seems like nothing will change.