The Resistance Strikes Back


   A suddenly old man, raging against the darkness


The New York Times today is running an op-ed piece authored by a senior member of the Trump administration, whose identity is known to the Publisher. The author described the Near Future Ex-President  of the United States as being unfit for office.  He identifies himself a member of the Resistance — a group of high-ranking officials, staying in the government to avert a catastrophe caused by an unreliable Commander-in-Chief. According to him, the senior members of the West Wing consider Trump an unstable, impulsive and dangerous person.

The members of the Resistance consider themselves heroic, protecting America from its reckless electoral choice.  In fact, it is an illegitimate exercise of power.  They are not our elected officials. Yet, they are abusing the power of their appointments by interposing themselves in place of the President. They are no more justified in playing President than First Lady Edith Wilson had been when Woodrow Wilson was critically felled by stroke.

Many have scolded the author for maintaining anonymity.  Critics say that the author should go public and resign, as this would enable Congress to act.  It’s a quaint notion. Congress already has enough information to begin an investigation on Trump’s fitness to serve.  The Republican-led Congress just won’t do it. 

Trump has gained weight, and his skin is ashen.  He looks unhealthy and spent. Yesterday he used an event yesterday to fulminate on the latest viper in his nest.  Trump sounds like The Caine Mutiny‘s paranoid Captain Queeg and looks like Inherit the Wind‘s delirious, pitiable Col. Matthew Harrison Brady. The chaos of the White House is no longer funny. It’s sad and terrifying. 

The Senate is preoccupied with ramming through the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court.  The nominee’s views on the breadth of presidential power remain unexamined, at a time when the likelihood of Supreme Court involvement moves from hypothetical to probable.  The looming controversy highlights the Senate’s stupidity in politicizing the appointment process, all but eliminating debate.  A responsible Senate would argue the wisdom of this  appointment, especially when approval of the nominee is inevitable. Such debate, if undertaken solemnly, is the means by which we make a more perfect union.

This presidency is unsustainable. The President behaves like  King Lear, a suddenly old man raging against the growing darkness and unable to manage his own affairs, much less the staggering responsibilities of being President.  Members of the Cabinet, of Congress and of the Supreme Court, please exercise your collective powers, fulfill your constitutional duties and bring an end to this failed administration.


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