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Tacking Early to the Middle

Another wild week in American politics, and that’s not counting the impeachment inquiry. It’s doubtful that any Democratic strategist follows Revolted Colonies. Yet, a few must’ve have figured out themselves that Warren and Sanders are too scary for American prime-time. Biden is not a strong enough candidate, no matter what the polls say (rather, said; we’ll get back to that). Klobuchar is still not lighting any fires.  And they are the best of the lot.

Despite the president’s unfavorable ratings and impeachable performance, he remains re-electable. Enough people around the country think he’s been the victim of unrelenting attacks; just enough at any rate to keep him from taking early retirement. Say what you will about Trump, he is a force, just not the right side of it.

The Democratic establishment saw Warren surging and decided to step in before it was too late.  Michael Bloomberg, a genuine billionaire, filed a petition in Alabama to put his name on the primary ballot to meet the earliest filing deadline. The 77-year-old former mayor hasn’t declared,  but he’s always been talking about it.

Deval Patrick, an Obama adherent, announced that he is running. Patrick is a former Massachusetts governor and Bain Capital partner. His party affiliation, brown skin and bald head ensure that he won’t be confused with Mitt Romney though, his predecessor in both jobs. He’s smart and savvy, a gifted speaker and a centrist. Make no mistake – he is not an Obama clone, for whatever that’s worth.

If all of this wasn’t depressing enough for the progressive wing,  the former president  made it known that most Americans want healthcare and income equity, but they aren’t about to break up the furniture.  Run a centrist, he warned, but he didn’t say anything about Biden, his former vice president.  If Obama doesn’t think Joe can go all the way, trust his intuition: he can’t.

Bloomberg and Patrick’s coming-out parties were crashed by South Bend Mayor Pete  Buttigieg, who vaulted over three  rivals to top the latest Iowa poll.  He’s outspent his rivals carpet-bombing the Hawkeye State, which happened because also he out fund-raised them.  The proximity of Indiana to Des Moines and Davenport enables him to make quick visits during mayoral lunch breaks.  Done right, presidential campaigns require lots of money.  It’s time to start looking at who is backing  Mayor Pete.

Let’s not forget that Obama went from zero to hero by winning Iowa, and he did it by eating in every diner and pumping every hand.  If Buttigieg doesn’t falter, he can win.  As Iowa did for Obama, the momentum of victory or a strong showing will give him a chance to outrun the issue of his electability as a gay, married man.

This year, the Democrats are not going to wait till July 2020 to pivot to the center.  Recent wins in Kentucky, Virginia and Louisiana, all  considered personal losses for Trump, fuel the belief that a Democrat can take back the White House, as long as  that Democrat is the right, that is, centrist one.


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  1. Marie Lopez

    Good one! So does it mean that citizens of Iran, who have no connection with the US by way of family ties, if affected by the ban, have a constitutional right to seek redress in a US court? Is this not really the overlapping effect of the Court`s decicion? It is interesting that Countries like Iran who has made it part of its policy to see to the destruction of other Nations and indeed, like many other Nations in the middleeast, refuses entry of certain nationals into their countries and supports terrorist organizations now have the rights of its citizens upheld by a US court. Common sense gone mad or American Justice? Lets see. Supreme Court decision awaitied, if there is to be an appeal before or after the full hearing before the 9th Circuit!

    • The Revolted Colonies

      “who have no connection with the US by way of family ties,”

      Not solely by family ties – there would have to be some other legitimate purpose for visiting, such as scholarship, work, etc.

      The administration declined to take the case to the Supreme Court. Instead they are pursuing their appeal before the 9th Circuit.

  2. David Goldblatt

    To be clear. Any person on American soil has constitutional protection. I get that and agree. When is an emigrate considered on American soil. At the airport? Without that foot on soil there is no protection. ” If the President feels there is a threat” he has the “responsibility” to prevent that threat. The courts cannot and should not assume what is a threat and what is not. That lies with the executive branch. Am I correct? Thx.

    • Marie Lopez

      Yes, i think you are right and that is my understanding of the Constitution. Thank you for your comments. I am relieved that I am not a “lone voice in the wilderness” on this one. So much anit-Trump feelings should not obscure the truth about presidential powers. It would be ridiculous for the Courts to arrogate to themselves the power to determine what a threat to our security is in these matters, that would be going too far.

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