White Nationalism is what white supremacists call themselves. WN, actually, for those in the know. It is a movement now less clandestine, thanks to Donald Trump. WN backs Trump warily. After all, no one is certain what that mountebank really thinks. He may be playing WN too.  By and large, though, Trump is using the words and symbols of racial and ideological purity that form its core values.

WN has grown with Trump’s ascendancy to the top of the Republican Party. It is taking its venomous agenda more public, emboldened by a leader whose message resonates with its own.  Trump seized the nomination while the world was laughing.  Your membership has realized too late that his nomination represents a final perversion of the party of Lincoln. It would be unrecognizable to TR, Goldwater, Reagan, as it is to the Bushes. Only Nixon, a brilliant mind twisted by hate and paranoia, would recognize himself in Trump’s coalition.

Your party leaders won’t attend the convention, let alone speak at it. Your down-ticket candidates are running away from the Trump candidacy. Your donors won’t back him. The VP spot is in play for only those politically expedient Dead-Enders who have no way out and no way forward.

Sheldon Adelson, where do you think you fit in this WN vision of America? Jared Kushner, how about you? Are you the exceptions? Whose money do you think it was on the background of that meme? It’s worth paying a little more tax in a society that respects your human rights than less in one that despises and marginalizes you. I am astonished by anyone I meet who supports Trump, because that person has lost sight of the American mission, its fragility and his and his family’s vulnerability in the sectarian breakdown that supports Trump’s candidacy

The message of White Nationalism is tribal. Backed up against a wall, threatened with the loss of predominance and power, it is White America’s extremist response to the American destiny as a multi-cultural exemplar of tolerance, cooperation and survival.

You may have forfeited your party’s name but you still can salvage what is noble and honorable in its legacy. You must divorce yourself from this candidate and his loathsome campaign or face your own moral and political extinction.