Playing Defense

I was startled that fifty-one State Department officials called for US military intervention in Syria. Most are mid-level career diplomats. The State Department is for Diplomacy! They should be negotiating, waging peace. Here they are complaining that Syrian President Assad is violating the ceasefire and must be stopped. They are acting like the Defense Department. Startled I say!

Well, maybe not so startled.  The apparatchiks are looking at current events through a dusty spyglass. They harken back to a time when the US government gave a damn about the Middle East. We don’t much care now, as long as we don’t get dragged into another war. And we won’t get into another war as long as we don’t need the oil.  Energy independence has everything to do with it. The old hands at State don’t seem to understand that the game has changed. To them, Russian and Syrian aggression still means Freedonia’s Going to War! – but we’re not.  Either they didn’t read the memo or maybe they’ve heard the rumor that the Middle East Bureau is being downsized.

We’re inching toward Defense First. In the old days that was called Isolationism, and it was considered bad for business; military business at any rate. Those were the days when a war could create jobs for the entire workforce. These days, a domestic contract for new fighter jets is hardly a blip on the radar. Besides, we don’t have the money for a robust globe-striding fighting force, and we’re running low on soldiers.

World domination just isn’t what it used to be. Still, we can make America great by providing for and taking care of our own, as long as our own can get a living wage. Energy independence opens up a world of possibilities, with new industries popping up with the technology. Who knows, maybe in my lifetime, Americans will be driving Chevy’s again.